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All new HSM stamping community!
Welcome to HSM Identity. We're just getting things off the ground, so bear with us!

Your Hosts

Mods:iwantasoda (Jason) & happycrabmearii (Sharpay)
Stamps made by:
happycrabmearii & allotrios
Layout:premade_ljs & happycrabmearii

The Rules

1. Be nice! Any discriminating language or antagonizing behavior will not be tolerated.
2. You do not have to be stamped to vote. You do, however, have to be knowledgable of the characters' mannerisms and defining qualities in order to make a proper judgement call.
3. You must have 5 votes for a character in order to be stamped. Or after 2 weeks have passed, whichever comes first.
4. Upload the banner to your own server, please.
5. All applications must be under an LJ-cut. We've included the html for this in the application.
6. Please spell check your application.
7. Don't try to influence the stamp - give us answers that reflect who you are, not who you want to be.
8. If there is a tie in voting, you will be given both stamps - if the tie is split 3 ways or more, the mods will make a decision.
9. In order to assure us that you've read the rules, put your favorite HSM pairing in the subject line.
10. Try to make sure your final vote is bolded - if you're unsure, you may submit up to two (2) names for your vote.
11. If you want to be restamped you must wait approximately 3 weeks to submit a new application.
12. Please do not post questions, fanfictions, fanarts or any other media or topic. Posting is for applications only. If you have any questions about stamps, rules, affiliation, promotion or anything else you can dream up, please post them in the Q&A thread.
13. Try to vote on at least 5 other applications.

The Application


Troy Bolton
Ryan Evans
Chad Danforth
Zeke Baylor
Jason Cross
Coach Bolton
Mr. Fulton
Javier (the lifeguard)
Sk8er Boi (plays the cello)
Boi (Sharpay's Yorkshire Terrier)

Gabriella Montez
Sharpay Evans
Taylor McKessie
Martha Cox
Kelsi Neilson
Ms. Jarvis
The Sharpettes

See this post to view details on characters and their personalities.


Once we have enough stamped members, we will begin monthly stamping themes :)


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