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Rypay all the way!!!

Name: Carly
Age (at least 13): 21
Location: USA
Does it matter which gender you’re stamped?: Definitely not =)
Favorite songs to sing: Oh my gosh. I have the karaoke game and I love to sing them alllllll! But my absolute favie faves are Ryan and Sharpay's "What I've Been Looking For" and "I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"... that's even my alarm in the morning!

High School clubs/activities: Back in the dayyyy haha. Lets see. International Thespian Society, Spirit Club, Art Club, SHARD poetry, PAWS (helping animals), Key Club, Spanish Club VP... there were probably more, it was so long ago!!
Favorite subject in school: Art, Theater, and Fashion design
Least favorite subject: Mathhhhh ESPECIALLY Geometry.
Favorite High School memory: Oh man thespian initiations!!!
Why were you in detention?: I uh... never had a detention. Hehe.

During the song Stick With the Status Quo, where were you? (ie: singing on the tables, hiding under the tables, skipping school, etc): Dude I was totally on the tables.
Favorite HSM Character: RYAN. RYAN RYAN.
Least Favorite HSM Character:Ahhhh. I kindof don't like Taylor. Maybe if she had a song?
What did you do to show school spirit?: Our school was THE school spirit school!! Every Friday I'd dress in our colors and wear colored warpaint (even a maroon colored wig hahahaha) and go to the football games... Good times =)
What other Disney movies or TV shows do you love: Meet the Robinsons is probably my favorite... Of course the classics like Little Mermaid and Aladdin... Hercules. Even the made for TV movies, like the one that was on the other day... Luck of the Irish? And.. Brink? OMG yes ftw.

What do you do in your spare time?: Welllll I have a lot of free time haha. I'm usually either on the computer, listening to music, doing graphics homework, or organizing stuff for my sorority... I'm the Presidenttt (no judging plz lol). Or I'm with my friends. Singing HSM karaoke. Haha. (true enough we just played that and rockband last night) And singling. ALWAYSSSS singing (one of my songs I recorded just came on my iTunes too, coincidence? lol).
What are three of your favorite things?: Music. Funky earrings. Alphonse Mucha artwork.
Three of your least favorite: Mushrooms. Bad drama. Having to pay to use the toilet.
Anything else?: Ahhh that's it I guess.
Pictures (optional, but they’re fun! No more than 3):Sure thing!
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