Sarah (joedirntwayiero) wrote in hsm_identity,

Choy, Chyan and Troypay!!

    1. Name: Sarah
    2. Age (no one under 13): 19
    3. Location: England
    4. Does it matter which gender you’re stamped as? Nah - i'm happy either way :D
    5. Favorite songs to sing: Musical songs e.g. phantom of the opera etc, and any from my fave bands (so rock music)
    6. High School activities: My high school had crap clubs, but i did do volleyball and dance
    7. Favorite Subject in school: History!
    8. Least Favorite School: Maths and physics :(
    9. Favorite High School Memory:  Not many of them....but if i include sixth form (which would be included in high school in America!) it would be going out clubbing with my friends :)
    10. During the song Stick With the Status Quo, where were you? (ie: singing on the tables, hiding under the tables, skipping school, etc): i am so joining in and going crazy singing and dancing!
    11. Favorite HSM Character: Troy and Ryan
    12. Least Favorite HSM Character: Gabriella - ewwww :P
    13. Why were you in detention? : I wasn't! I was a good girl! XD
    14. What do you do in your spare time? : Hung out with my friends and studied so i got good GCSE's and A levels! :)
    15. What are three of your favorite things? My friends, My family, and CSI: New York
    16. Three of your least favorite?: spiders, hypocrites, and 1 certain person from high school (grr i hate her :P)
    Pictures (optional, but they’re fun! No more than 3)

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