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Troy and Gabriella all the way~

Name: Denise
Age (at least 13): 18
Location: in front of my computer... hahaha
Does it matter which gender you’re stamped?: I wanna be stamped female please
Favorite songs to sing: Can I have this dance

High School clubs/activities: art, dance
Favorite subject in school: science, especially physics
Least favorite subject: economics and math
Favorite High School memory: Fourth year retreat with my class... that was the best ever
Why were you in detention?: I was never in detention. Im a good student!

During the song Stick With the Status Quo, where were you? (ie: singing on the tables, hiding under the tables, skipping school, etc):
- dancing and singing! two of the things I love to do
Favorite HSM Character: I like Sharpay because she's really funny. And I love her clothes!
Least Favorite HSM Character: I dont really have a least fave chara. Everyone seems okay. :]
What did you do to show school spirit?: I cheer for my batch during intrams. I'd be screaming in the bleachers. Hahahaha
What other Disney movies or TV shows do you love: I like Wizards of Waverly Place and the Suite Lofe of Zack and Cody, The Little Mermaid is my most favorite but I also like Mulan, Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, Toy Story and all the other cute movies that make you feel like crying and warm on the inside... hahahaha.

What do you do in your spare time?: Read books, draw, go to the internet, sing, figure skate, paint my nails, play the violin
What are three of your favorite things?: computer, pencil, my figure skates
Three of your least favorite: i dunno... XD I cant think of any.
Anything else?: Nothing else!
Pictures (optional, but they’re fun! No more than 3):
-this is me with my sisters... yeah, i know we dont look alike... hahaha... I love them
-from left to right: Kyle, Kat, Sam and me

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